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passionflower for anxiety

The 5 Best Herbs for Anxiety

The 5 Best Herbs For Anxiety Taking herbs for mind/body health and healing has been a tradition dating back thousands of years.  Humans have always used herbs for just about anything you can imagine – fertility, medical ailments, infections, insomnia, depression, or to improve strength and vitality – to name only a few.  The use of

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prescription for anxiety

The Profound Guide To Anxiety Medications: Everything You Should Know

The profound guide to anxiety medications: everything you should know Prescription medications for anxiety have been the first-line treatment among physicians and psychiatrists for anxiety and panic attacks. From the early Barbiturates to the Benzodiazepines and SSRIs used today. Anxiety medications and antidepressants have consistently been among the most prescribed medications in the United States

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Proven Techniques for Overcoming Worry

Proven Techniques for Overcoming Worry Chronic worry is an all too common problem for those of us with anxiety. Worry can often get out of control, becoming excessive (and obsessive), consuming our thoughts and our lives. Overcoming worry is often one of the first goals we may have when we begin working to manage our

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biological causes of anxiety

Biological Causes of Anxiety: Root Causes of Anxiety Part 2

Biological Causes of Anxiety: Root causes of Anxiety Part 2 Over the past few decades, medical professionals and researchers have developed a better understanding of the connection between our biological health; the health of our brain, body, nervous system and organs; and our psychological health; our moods, thoughts, feelings and emotions. Research has shown that

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psychological causes of anxiety

Psychological Causes of Anxiety: Root Causes of Anxiety Part 1

Psychological Causes of Anxiety: root causes of anxiety part 1 When we think about what causes anxiety, we tend to think about the anxiety symptoms or the anxiety triggers, rather than the true underlying psychological causes of anxiety.   Anxiety symptoms can be physical, mental or emotional. And are often where are focus tends to land

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ces for anxiety

Electrotherapy: How CES Can Help With Anxiety

Electrotherapy: How CES Can Help With Anxiety Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation, more commonly referred to as CES, is an FDA approved treatment method for anxiety, insomnia, and depression.  CES treatment is done using a small device that transmits pulsed, low-intensity current to the scalp and brain using electrodes connected to the earlobes or temples. While you may

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supplements for anxiety

Herbs & Supplements for Anxiety: The Profound Guide

Herbs & Supplements for Anxiety: The Profound Guide The use of herbs and supplements for anxiety has increased pretty drastically over the past two decades. This increased popularity has occurred nearly in direct proportion to our growing understanding of how specific herbs and supplements work. Scientific and medical research has shown over and over again the effectiveness

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