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Below is a running list of companies, resources, websites and products that we personally read, use, subscribe to or else have found immensely helpful in our anxiety research and application. Check back often as we are constantly updating with new resources we come across.

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Free Resources

Anxiety and Depression Association of America ( we are a member of the ADAA and proudly support their work; founded in 1979, ADAA is a non-profit organization dedicated to the prevention and treatment of anxiety, depression, OCD and PTSD. The ADAA website provides a MASSIVE amount of free content including blog posts and free webinars by experts in the field ( a comprehensive website devoted entirely to anxiety featuring articles written by the foremost experts, doctors, therapists and scientists in the field of anxiety

Association for Contextual Behavioral Science ( we are a member of the ACBS and proudly support their work; the ACBS is online community that offers free resources and guides by leading experts in the fields of on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Relational Frame Therapy (RFT) and Contextual Behavioral Science (CBS)

Psych Central ( a website providing mental health articles, resources, support groups and online counseling; a well-respected site that has been around for over two decades

Center for Mindful Self-Compassion ( founded by two of the pioneering researchers in the field of self-compassion, Chris Germer and Kristin Neff, the Center for MSC provides free videos and resources on self-compassion as well as online courses, workshops and retreats for those looking to learn more and truly establish self-compassion in their lives

The Mindfulness Solution ( the website of Dr. Ronald Siegel, author of The Mindfulness Solution; offers over 15 in-depth mindfulness meditations FREE along with other resources

The Gary Craig Official EFT Training Centers ( Gary Craig, the founder of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), otherwise known as “tapping”, offers 100% FREE training on EFT/Tapping from beginner to advanced; features videos and articles on everything you need to know

The American Institute of Stress ( we are a member of the AIS and proudly support their work; the AIS is a non-profit corporation committed to providing valuable stress management and mental health tips and resources for the general public and professionals

Mental Health Daily ( a very comprehensive website devoted to mental health; topics include everything from anxiety and depression to OCD, eating disorders, medications, supplements, psychology and more

Tara Brach ( licensed psychotherapist and meditation teacher, Tara Brach, combines Eastern spiritual practices such as meditation and mindfulness with Western psychology – the result is an effective blend of techniques for handling stress, grief, loss, trauma, depression and anxiety. She offers dozens of full-length FREE videos of her talks, meditations and practices on her website. Highly recommended!

RMIT University ( RMIT University provides a 100% FREE beginner training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), provided as a free audio learning program with worksheets; if you've ever wanted to learn ACT, we recommend this as good starting point; although the program is geared toward university students, it's free for everyone and the techniques and practices can be applied to anyone in any area of life

The Center for Mind-Body Medicine ( founded by James S. Gordon, MD; CMBM has helped support individuals, groups and communities around the world for over 25 years, through teaching trauma-relief skills, self care and stress management, CMBM offers hands-on support wherever needed as well as online trainings and resources; we are proud supporters of the work of Dr Gordon and CMBM

Kristin Neff ( pioneering researcher in the field of self-compassion and drawing on the practice of Insight Meditation, Kristin Neff co-created an empirically supported training program called Mindful Self-Compassion; she is also co-founder of the nonprofit Center for Mindful Self-Compassion; on her website, she offers free guided meditations as well as additional resources and training

Herbs & Supplements

Amazon ( provides ones of the largest selections of herbs and supplements online at the most competitive prices, be wary of poor quality herbs or supplements, try to purchase only from reputable brands

Examine ( provides unbiased research-based information on thousands of vitamins, herbs, and supplements

Dragon Herbs ( our favorite supplier of Traditional Chinese (TCM) herbs such as Red Reishi, Astragalus, Schizandra and a whole lot more.

True Kava ( Kava is an excellent anti-anxiety herb and can promote feelings of deep relaxation and contentment; not all Kava is the same however and many companies sell inferior, poor quality and even potentially dangerous Kava; True Kava provides a list of trusted vendors that only sell “Noble” Kava, this is Kava with a long history of safe use in Pacific Island countries, and are tested for heavy metals and other contaminants

Sunday Scaries ( sells effective hemp-based CBD products that are legal to ship to all 50 states; CBD can be highly effective for stress, anxiety, and sleep without any kind of “high” or intoxication, also works for inflammation and some forms of pain; they offer a 100% money back guarantee on their products

MindBodyGreen ( MindBodyGreen is a well respected organization that has been on a mission to make research-based solutions in functional medicine more widely available; for their supplement line they have partnered with Thorne, one of the supplement manufacturers we recommend for their quality; their supplements include hemp multi + for calm and magnesium + for better sleep

Perfect Supplements ( selling all-natural and high-quality supplements, Perfect Supplements is a highly touted and award-winning company; along with our favorite brand of Rhodiola Rosea, they also sell high-quality Coconut Oil, MCT Oil, Acai Berry, Chlorella and more

Brainwave Entrainment

iAwake ( powerful brainwave entrainment audio tracks featuring binaural beats and isochronic tones, mixed with deep energy healing patterns embedded into the music; very high quality and very effective; iAwake programs are what we use daily

Centerpointe Research Institute ( one of the pioneering brainwave entrainment companies, Centerpointe offers very effective brain entrainment audio tracks featuring some of the most powerful binaural beats technology available

Brain Fm ( a high-quality online “radio station” with hundreds of brainwave entrainment tracks. Just choose the reason you are listening – focus, meditation, relaxation, sleep, etc. – and Brain Fm creates a playlist of tracks for you. You can try it out for free

Hemi-Sync ( a well respected brainwave entrainment company that has been around for many years, Hemi-Sync has the largest collection of binaural beats programs available; founded by Robert Monroe of the famous Monroe Institute; their programs have a strong focus on guided meditations and music based tracks for health and healing; they offer access to over 300 titles using their app for $8.99 a month

Mindplace ( selling light and sound mind machines since 1988, Mindplace's Limina and Kasina mind machines help the user enter deep states of meditation, reduce stress and anxiety and even reach altered states of consciousness for those interested travelers; they also offer a 2 year warranty on all of their products and a 60-day money back guarantee

CES & BioFeedback Devices

Caputron ( a trusted supplier of CES, tDCS, TMS and EEG devices; we have partnered with Caputron to give our readers 5% off your purchase, simply use our coupon code PAS at checkout

HeartMath ( an effective device and technique that helps the user control heart rate variability (the beat-to-beat variation in the heart rate) and promote positive emotional processes and cognitive function; a study of of nearly 12,000 users reported a 46% reduction in anxiety and 56% reduction in depression on average

Bio Medical ( an online shopping source for everything from CES devices to high end Biofeedback machines and more

Alpha-Stim ( one of the most highly researched, longest running and most effective CES device companies in the world; Alpha-Stim offers CES devices for anxiety, depression and pain all backed by the FDA

Mind Alive ( the creator of some of our favorite CES devices including the Oasis Pro and David Delight Pro; high-quality CES devices at a competitive price point


Insight Timer – available on Android and Apple – FREE ( our favorite meditation and mindfulness app and one of our favorite apps overall; with over 45,000 guided meditation and music tracks 100% free (although there is also a paid option for premium content it isn't required); highly recommended

Breathe2Relax – available on Android and Apple – FREE (Apple Store or Android): a 100% free app that helps train for deep breathing, which can help calm and relax the mind and body

Moodkit – currently only available on Apple devices – $4.99 ( an effective CBT based app that can help manage stress, anxiety and depression all while improving mood; contains over 200 CBT activities, as well as an integrated journal and thought checker

Courses & Programs

Sounds True ( many of the online courses and programs we recommend come from Sounds True, they are a reputable company that has been offering programs on meditation and mindfulness, spirituality, self development and healing since the mid 1980's; Sounds True offers exclusive programs with leading teachers, authors and presenters, such as Eckhart Tolle, Tara Brach, Jack Kornfield, Daniel Siegel and more, as well as programs such as the official MBSR Online Course; they also offer a 1-Year Money Back Guarantee on all of their programs, the most generous guarantee online that I am aware of

Mindfulness Based Stressed Reduction (MBSR) Online Course ( the only complete MBSR online training course and the same course they teach at the University of Massachusetts Medical School where it was created by Jon Kabat-Zinn; this is the most scientifically studied, tested and proven mindfulness program available and the course we recommend for learning mindfulness based practices for stress and anxiety

Qigong for Health & Healing ( Qigong combines elements of breathing techniques, meditation and Tai Chi style movement to form an excellent practice for grounding in the body and balancing energy; this course by Lee Holden is one of our favorites, easily accessible to beginners and for those that are more experienced; highly recommended 

Audible ( with less and less time available to sit down and read nowadays, audiobooks are an excellent alternative, allowing us to listen while in the car, at the gym, working late at home, etc; I've personally been a member of Audible since 2015, they offer the largest online library for audiobooks and you can get 2 free books with a free 30 day trial; with plenty of books on anxiety and other self-help topics (such as our recommendations below)

Self-Compassion Step by Step ( in this 6-hour audio course, leading self-compassion teacher and researcher, Kristin Neff PhD, guides the listener towards a better understanding of self-compassion and self-acceptance vs the concept of “self-esteem”; she teaches how to experience our emotions with an attitude of non-judgement as well as providing guided meditations and exercises to help develop loving kindness towards ourselves and assist us in working with difficult emotions

LAP Pranayama ( Life Awareness Project, or LAP, was founded Michael Bijker (who also leads the trainings), to provide the world with access to comprehensive programs for breathwork and Yoga practices, without focusing on profit/money; the Pranayama course offered by Michael is extensive with 60 videos and over 15 hours of instruction; best of all the course is only $9.99; we support the work of LAP and their mission to provide affordable teachings to the world


Online-Therapy ( takes a different approach than other online therapy services by not only offering access to a trained therapist but a complete toolbox of training in CBT with journals and worksheets, as well as additional practices; learn at your own pace and decide how much interaction with a therapist you need (we've partnered with to bring our subscribers a 20% discount when you signup through our link above, the 20% will be automatically applied, no coupon code required)

Talkspace ( a top rated and extremely popular online therapy service, with over 1,000,000 active users; users have access to a licensed therapist 24/7 through messaging or video calls, there is also an app available for Apple and Android; Talkspace recently launched a Psychiatry service where you can connect with a licensed psychiatrist that can prescribe medications

BetterHelp ( the world's largest online counseling service; users are connected with one of over 8,000 therapists that best fit the issues they are facing based on answering specific questions; users have direct access to their therapist through messaging, chat, phone and video calls; BetterHelp is a highly regarded platform with excellent customer reviews, recommendations from sites like Psychology Today and BetterHelp is partnered with Mental Health America

Note: As a BetterHelp affiliate, we may receive compensation from BetterHelp if you purchase products or services through the links provided

Psychology Today ( if you prefer to see a therapist in person, Psychology Today, one of the longest running magazines and websites dedicated to psychology and mental health, offers a FREE “Find A Therapist” search option featuring verified therapists and other mental health professionals based on your location

Recommended Books For Anxiety & more...

(In no particular order)

Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy by David D. Burns M.D.


The Mindfulness Solution by Ronald D Siegel, PsyD


The Anxiety & Phobia Workbook by Edmund J. Bourne PhD

A Course in Miracles by Helen Schucman


Tao: The Watercourse Way by Alan Watts

Daring Greatly by Brene Brown

No Boundary by Ken Wilber

The MindBody Prescription by John Sarno M.D.

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

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