Profound Silence

Quiet your overactive mind and reach a state of inner calm and balance.

Profound Silence is a brainwave entrainment program designed to calm and quiet an overactive mind, promoting an inner state of calm and mental silence.

45-Day Money Back Guarantee

We believe in the power of our programs and we know they can work for you – that’s why we offer a 45-day money back guarantee on all of the Profound Series Programs.

In order to give our programs time to work we ask that you try out the programs for at least 14 days – if after 14 days you do not notice a reduction in anxiety, an increase in relaxation, an improvement in sleep or otherwise the program(s) do not meet your expectations, you can request a refund up to 45 days from the date of original purchase.

To request a refund simply send us an email at: [email protected]

Profound Silence Brainwave Entrainment Program


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What it Is:

Profound Silence is a brainwave entrainment program designed to calm and quiet an overactive mind, promoting an inner state of calm and mental silence. The program features 3 different sessions, each using different brainwave frequencies for a unique experience of inner calm depending on the session you are using. Profound Silence combines brainwave entrainment technology with specially chosen music to gently guide the listener into these deep quiet inner states.

What it Does:

Profound Silence offers 3 different approaches to quieting the mind and promoting inner silence. (All 3 sessions use Isochronic Tones).

SMR (Sensory Motor Rhythm) Session: this session guides you into the 12-15 Hz range. This session is designed to promote physical relaxation while keep the mind alert but quiet

7Hz Theta Session: 7Hz is well-known as the primary measured brainwave frequency of experienced Zen meditators after a deep meditation. This 7Hz Theta session guides you down into this deep state of silence and calm

Delta Session: the deepest out of the 3 sessions, this Delta session takes you into a state of deep peace and inner quiet, beyond thought. You may fall asleep on this one as Delta is the primary brainwave frequency of deep dreamless sleep.

Who it's For:

Profound Silence can be used by anyone that wants to quiet their mind and promote inner calm and balance. Each track can be used at different times for different situations.

Thoughts on the Profound Silence Program

When we are riddled with anxiety and worry, experiencing a state of calm and inner quiet is unfortunately rare. An overactive mind is one of the hallmarks of anxiety; excessive worry, racing thoughts, obsessive thinking, thinking about thinking, ruminating, mentally preparing… It's exhausting.

Profound Silence was created to help those with anxiety and excessive thinking enter that place of inner stillness and quiet. Whether you simply want to focus without excessive thought (SMR), reach a deep state of inner calm (7Hz) or go beyond thought into a deep state of inner silence (Delta). Profound Silence is a powerful program for getting you there.


Potential Benefits:

  • Experience 3 different levels of inner calm
  • Quiet your overactive mind
  • Enter a place of calm and inner balance
  • Reduce worry and excessive thinking
  • Feel calm but alert, quiet but focused, ready for action (SMR session)
  • Experience the quiet calm of a Zen meditator (7Hz Theta session)
  • Enter a space beyond thought, where everything is quiet and still (Delta Session)

What's Included:

Three mp3 tracks instantly available for download after purchase.

  1. Profound Silence: SMR Session (30-min)
  2. Profound Silence: 7Hz Theta Session (45-min)
  3. Profound Silence: Delta Session (57-min)

How to Use the Program:

Using the program is simple. All that is required is a pair of stereo headphones.

Each session is meant to be listened to on its own, providing different brainwave frequencies for a unique experience of a quiet mind.

  1. Choose the track you want to use: SMR Session, 7Hz Theta or Delta Session
  2. Relax into a comfortable position with your eyes closed
  3. Listen to the track with headphones on as you sit and relax
  4. Enter a place of stillness, calm and inner balance

Tips for Best Usage:

  • Although Isochronic Tones can be played through stereo speakers with some benefit, for maximum effect the use of stereo headphones is highly recommended
  • Use meditation or mindfulness practices while listening to the program for greater benefit
  • Practicing deep breathing while you listen can help to reach a centered state of mind more quickly
  • The different tracks are best used at different times of the day, SMR is better for mornings or afternoons, 7Hz can be used anytime but some listeners may doze off during the session, Delta Session is best used in the evening or before taking a nap as the likelihood of falling asleep is high
  • Find a quiet place where you won't be disturbed while listening to avoid interruptions


Brainwave entrainment can cause the listener to become relaxed or sleepy. Any product containing brainwave entrainment, including this one, should not be used while performing tasks where full attention is needed, such as driving or operating machinery. Hopefully, this is obvious enough but we felt we should make it clear.

1 review for Profound Silence

  1. Charles Holmes

    I suffer from an obsessive mind and overactive thinking. I had my doubts about this program as I have tried other binaural audio programs in the past but this one was different. The music is deep and comforting and the tracks truly did help to quiet my mind. While the effects aren’t permanent for me it does work when I need it and provides peace of mind knowing I have something I can use to silence the barrage of thoughts. Well done.

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