Money Back Guarantee & Refund Policy

In order to provide peace of mind to our customer's we offer a full money back guarantee on all of our programs and courses. Although we believe we provide the best products and courses available for anxiety we understand everyone is different and some people may not get the results they expected with our products.

Please see the policy for our products below…

The Profound Series Programs refund policy:  we offer a 45-day money back guarantee on the Profound Series Programs which includes – Profound Relaxation, Profound Sleep, Profound Healing, Profound Freedom, Profound Silence and Profound Performance, and the Complete Series. In order to give our programs time to work and to eliminate abuse of our refund policy we ask that you try out the programs for 14 days, if after 14 days you do not notice a reduction in anxiety, an increase in relaxation, an improvement in sleep or otherwise the program(s) do not meet your expectations, you have an additional 30 days to request a refund (up to 45 days after original purchase).

Forfeiture of refund and our right to deny a refund: while we offer our money back guarantee and refund policy in good faith to help protect your purchase and peace of mind, certain actions may constitute a denial of a refund request – these actions include the following:

  • sharing logins or download links with others (IP addresses are recorded each time a product is downloaded)
  • abusing our refund policy which includes: downloading a product and then quickly requesting a refund, repeated refund requests for different products, as well as other actions that constitute a dishonest purchase and failure to use the product in good faith
  • requesting a refund before it has been 14 days after purchase
  • requesting a refund after 45 days from purchase
To request a refund: email us at [email protected]
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