Understanding Anxiety

There are many effective strategies that can work for anxiety without knowing anything about neurotransmitters or anxiety theories. However, having a greater understanding of anxiety can profoundly improve the effectiveness of the strategies we use. Understanding not only how to do a specific technique but also why it works can lead to a more focused effort in overcoming anxiety.

For example; if we understand the causes and types of anxiety we can better utilize the proper treatments, strategies, medications or supplements that best fit our particular issues. We can also reduce our “anxiety about anxiety” as we begin to understand anxiety better. Having knowledgeable information about anxiety – information such as how anxiety works in the brain or common anxiety symptoms – can help us learn to no longer fear anxiety but see it for what it is.

Knowledge is power and with anxiety it can even help us toward the path to healing!

Articles We've Published To Develop a Better Understanding of Anxiety

Topics We Will Be Exploring in This Section

The Science Behind Anxiety

  • How does anxiety work in the brain and body?
  • What happens when we are anxious?
  • The importance of neurotransmitters and hormones

The Different Types of Anxiety

  • General anxiety and worry, social anxiety, panic, phobias and obsessive thoughts and behaviors.
  • What treatments and strategies are best for each?

The Causes of Anxiety

  • Is anxiety psychological or biological?
  • Can anxiety be inherited or caused by genetics?


Symptoms of Anxiety

  • What are the common physical symptoms of anxiety?
  • Can anxiety symptoms hurt us or make us ill?
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